Saturday, October 23, 2010

Going Silver!

Since I really don't feel like making a long blog post, but want to post something, you will get to see my birds and mirror I spray painted this summer! :)

I have talked about the birds before, just never showed you!

Bird 1:

- He came from Hobby Lobby clearance! 
Back when they had the awesome clearance this summer!
 He was less than $3, if not less than $2. I don't remember!
- It was ok in red, but I didn't like it too much!

- I like the silver SO much better! He fits into our decor better now!

Bird 2:
- See the clearance tag? That's my favorite way to shop!
- The black was ok, I had this great idea that I'd use up the rest of the yellow spray paint that I had. 
You know the kind I used here. After I did that. I realized it was UGLY!

- Bad photo. (That's our guest bathroom's light)
- It is painted silver, just like the birdy above :) I like it a lot!

Last I have a mirror to show you! Joey's aunt was getting rid of it last December, so I took it! Hey, it was free! :) So once I got it home I realized that the gold did not really go with anything we had. So I decided to spray paint it! The silver that I used for the birds is left over from this project!

- I taped off the mirror part
- Note to self: wait till better lighting to take photos!

- A close up of the detail. 

- Wow! I should have cleaned it before I took the picture! Oops!

- Overall I am happy with it! It fits into the color in our formal dining well.
The light fixtures/hardware in our house are brushed nickel. 

Here's where I put it:

Eventually that wall will have more on it. 
I would love to have a family photo wall with Joey's family and mine. 
My thoughts are photos and items in shadow boxes/on shelves. Not too sure!

I also got a cute wall vinyl this past summer from Kohl's. It says "Bless This Nest"! :D I love it! Plus it was on clearance for $8.99! The only thing is, I'm not too sure where I want it!  On the wall or on something like a canvas so I can move it easily? We'll see. 

Ok, I am tired! So off to bed I go! I hope you liked seeing some of my spray painted lovelies :)

Have a nice night!


the cape on the corner said...

you know, i am so glad you chose silver. not that there's anything wrong with white, which everyone is doing, but i have this metallic silver that i like. thank you for inspiring me to use it! and your birds and mirror look great!

so glad you stopped by, and thanks so much for your comment! i wasn't sure i could get my kitty in a costume, but too bad you think you can't. a diva sounds fun, but what would it entail? i'm thinking a boa or something, lol.

Rachel said...

Thank you for stopping by! I'm glad you like the silver! :) Our walls are white, so if I did anything in white, it would blend in. So I choose silver!

Lol...hmm a diva...perhaps a rhinestone collar and a boa. Or a crown(I guess one with elastic like a party hat) and a boa! lol That would be cute! :)

Nikki said...

I almost commented on your birdies today while we were there. I think they're awesome. :D

Thank you again for having us over.