Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wow! I haven't linked up to What I Wore Wednesdays in a while! I've been taking pictures, but I don't remember to write a post till Thursday. It's not "what I wore Thursday" so I wait. Vicious cycle. :)

This was my birthday night (June27th)
I got ready so we could go out. 
Then I realized...I was really tired and just wanted
 a quiet meal at home and chill with Joey!

 So I changed!
Petite yoga pants!! 
I finally found some at Kohl's!
So all you little people like me, now you know where to go!
Pants: Kohl's
Shirt: Kohl's I believe
Necklace: The Rusted Chain

We ended up getting Vietnamese take out and caught up on The Guild!
It was a nice, relaxing birthday! :)

So I knocked off something on my summer goal list!
I dyed my hair black! 
I love the contrast it gives!
It makes my skin look lighter and brings out my eyes.
It's a semi-permanent.
It's starting to fade a little. I did it about 4 weeks ago.
It's doing great with as much as I wash my hair!

Then I got new glasses the week after!
I love how they look a lil retro!
They're dark purple!

This picture was from last Tuesday.
My sister-in-law and I went to Ikea!
Got to love that place!
We had fun walking around, shopping and talking!

I hope your week is going well!

Of course I am linking up to The Pleated Poppy!


the cape on the corner said...

love love LOVE your new 'do and specks! they definitely give you a little more kick. i dyed my hair black a few years ago, i think it's something we've all gotta see for ourselves. yay for you and happy belated birthday!!

Rachel said...

Thank you!! :D I always wondered if I could pull off black hair with my pale skin! Thankfully it all turned out nice!