Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Changing it Up

So while I've been away from blogging this summer, I have been completing some things off my Summer Goal List!!

Lets see:
- I dyed my hair black, semi-permanent first and then when it started to wash out I realized I love it! So this time I used permanent!

- I hung the kitchen prints above the window in the kitchen.

Ack! Bad lighting and a little lopsided! 

Here's a closeup of them!
I love them! Super cute!

I got them from HERE
I downloaded them, and sent them to Walgreens to get printed.
Instead of regular prints, I got them done as a collage option- using only one picture- that way it had an automatic white border. No mat needed! :)

I got some frames from Dollar Tree and WA-LA! 

 Back to my goals...

- I filed all the papers in our filing cabinet. I had stuff from 2011 still waiting to get filed! Wow!

- I got some wall file things to organize the papers I need to file or shred! So much better than a box lid!

- I bought some rugs for the guest bathroom! I got them for a good deal at Kohl's. I also added some new photos to the frames. Not so expensive touches made it so much nicer!

 Oh! I also cleaned out our junk drawer! It defiantly needed it! Took about 10-15 minutes and made me feel better!

We had like 20 pens in there, multiple random tools and just a bunch of junk!
 Not necessary!

Soo much better!

We also made some changes we made around the house, furniture wise

See how all the consoles are out in the open. Trying to dust them was a nightmare.
Plus in the entertainment center top left was where we housed all the games for them. 
We ran out of space (I moved them before I took the picture) plus the heat from the receiver (below that space) had a hard time getting air circulated. Not a good thing.

P.S. Yes, we are watching The Dark Knight
We saw DKR the Friday night it came out.
Went home and had to watch Batman Begins.
The next day we continued in watching The Dark Knight!

We wanted to find a solution so all the games and DVDs can be housed in the same place as well as the consoles be in some type of closed storage.

Our solution from Target!
See I even have a decorating cubby! YAY! :)

Our dvd trilogy/seriescollection
Our dvds
Then our game collection

All housed in the same place!
I love it!

Inside houses our consoles!
I LOVE that dust won't get to them as easy!!
Joey likes that too!

We made other changes, moving furniture and such, but I need to take pictures in the once guest room (no it's not a baby's room). It's hard to get pictures, but I'll do it soon and post about it!

I hope your having a lovely Tuesday!


the cape on the corner said...

love the pics in the kitchen-i have some i need to print, and i never know where's a good place to do it. great new storage for all the tv stuff, i have the same problems in that i hate my open tv stand. great changes, you've been super busy!

the cape on the corner said...

hey! great kitty advice-we do plan on using the crate she is in at my SIL's, which is open like yours. praising sunday, yes, i think that will be key! thanks, my friend!