Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching Up

Wow...it's been a while!

I blame it on subbing. I was very blessed to have a long term position in first grade from January all the way till May. It was a really great experience!

I really hate it when it's been a while since I have posted. I feel like it's a huge catch up with pictures and stuff. So then I keep putting off posting. Then it just snowballs. I know this is mainly for me or Joey to read for the years to come, so I want to include even the smaller things.

This past Good Friday, I helped my sister-in-law make kolaches. She got her recipe(or method since it's not a written recipe) from G-ma. Her grandmother. My SIL was making these to sell and  I wanted to see how to make them so I offered to help. It was a bit of work, but the outcome is delicious!


 At Easter with the in-laws, Joey's cousin brought his homemade giant ladder golf! It was FUN! I used to think ladder golf was dumb, but now I love playing! Plus I am better at giant size than normal size.
Instead of golf balls on the string...this has softball size balls.
Everything's bigger in Texas!

Not too long ago, I finally hung up an old window frame I got from Joey's granddad. We were visiting a while back and I noticed a pretty wooden window frame in a pile in the basement. It caught my eye because its a beautiful blue/green color.  The next time we visited, I asked if he wanted it, and he said it was mine. We loaded it into the car and it stayed in there for a while. Sadly, each time it got moved a bit of the pretty paint chipped off. So I got it out of the car a few weeks later. Then it sat in the garage. Sad, I know! Well, I was intimidated since I have never hung anything that big, plus I needed to add the hardware on it so it could hang. Oh, and it needed to have the paint sealed, so it wouldn't chip so easily.  Finally one Saturday I was determined to get it hung. I got the hardware on it and Joey hung it for me. I wanted something for the space above the turtle tank and I think it looks awesome!

Our new turtle tank we got a while back. 
It's a trough. Pretty cool!


I love it! It filled the empty space and it adds color and charm to our kitchen. 

Random Pictures Incoming!!

So our turtles started escaping their new tank (the one above). We never had a problem with that, then all of a sudden our girl turtle started getting out. 

Well...one day we noticed there was only one turtle in the tank. So Joey and I went on a turtle hunt. 
We found her...and this mess in the geek room! That used to be a mirror. One of those floor length mirrors from Ikea. She must have seen her reflection and got scarred or challenged it and bumped the mirror. She was not hurt, thankfully, and we found her just sitting right next to the arcade. 

This plant smells delicious!
It smells exactly like a pineapple!
I wanted to get it, but I didn't know much about it. 
Plus I didn't want more plants to water in the HOT summer.

Right now I have:
- 1 yellow knock-out rose bush
- 1 new pink knock-out bush
- 1 tomato plant (from my grandma)
- 1 random bush plant (from my grandma)
- 1 pretty Lantana (potted on the front porch)
-Green onions I planted
- 2 succulents
- Sunflowers!! 

My plants are doing well! I am really excited about that, especially since my track record with plants aren't that great. 

I put them in a back corner of the yard. I am hoping they take over that part of the yard. 

A bud!!

This is my little pink rose bush. It's kinda hard to see.
 I planted it a couple of weeks ago. 
Last year I got my yellow one. 
It took it a while to get going, but now it's a good size!

My nice bird feeder my mom got me and my plant stakes I got from Joey's aunt. 

My tomato plant, with tomatoes!!
It's naked except for the tomatoes.
We were gone for a day this past weekend and all the leaves fell off.
I'm pretty sure that means it needs more water.
Right now it's sucking all the water to try to produce the tomatoes.

- Plant from my grandma in white pot. 
Not sure what it is. It has purple flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds!
- Green onions
- Succulent #1

One awesome thing that has sprouted all on it's own is a smaller size sunflower, right next to the bird feeder! Sadly, when I was weed-eating around the feeder, I accidentally hit the stem a little. 
That caused it to fall over and it was about to flower too! I was SO sad! Well, what's a girl to do?! I wanted it to flower, but I needed it to stand up in order to get water from the roots. 

I stopped weed-eating, ran inside and grabbed the duct tape. Yep, I did. I duct-taped the stem. It worked pretty well. The flower still fell over, but it did open! 

When I told my dad about that, he laughed and laughed. I may live in a subdivision now, but my small town/country roots are still there! :) 

Joey and I have had other fun adventures, but I'll post about those soon! 

Have a sunny day!

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the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, thank goodness that runaway turtle is ok. that's pretty funny, too. your plants look great. i'm having an issue with one of my butterfly bushes these last few days. for no reason, it looks pretty much dead, and the other one looks great. they were both great, so I don't know what happened. bummer.