Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spring Break Part III

After Dallas, we adventured to Waco, Texas. It is a college town. Known for a news-worthy event, Dr. Pepper Museum, and Baylor College. At least that is what I know. Now it is also known for the show Fixer Upper and Magnolia Market.

Since I have never been and I wanted to go see what this Magnolia Market was all about, we headed there. Even though it was out of the way.

Our first stop: The Dr. Pepper Museum

The adorable front!

A bottle cap horse

This is a recipe for blueberry muffins using Dr. Pepper

Old Soda Machines. They are so much prettier than now. 

We enjoyed the Dr. Pepper museum. It was a small place. There were some neat things to see. Like the bottling room and the well they dug I am assuming to get water to make the soda. 
I feel like I was quickly moving through the exhibits because I was excited for where we were going next!

Magnolia Market

There was no line to get into the shop, we got lucky with that. 
The inside was PACKED!
So much so that you would bump into people while you were trying to move around. 
Poor Joey needed to go outside to get some air. 
I stuck it out and got some neat things for our house. 

After the Magnolia Market, we ate lunch and headed home. 
I loved being able to go with Joey on his business trip. 
It was a great and memorable adventure. 

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