Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wedding Preparations and things

Hey guys!

Well this week has been a very long week! Well this past weekend I worked every single day, and I had a project due this past Tues. Well I wasn't able to start on it guessed it....Monday! I worked 12 hours on the project, I only took short breaks, and one hour long break to eat dinner and watch Heroes :) So that made the week soo much longer!
This past Saturday I put in my 2 weeks notice at work. It is sad that I have to leave, but it is just WAY too much with trying to go to school full-time, trying to plan a wedding and work. Which I usually only worked the weekends, which is when I would get the planning done. So my last day is the Saturday of the shower (Nov. 8th) My last day that I am scheduled is that Friday before. I work tomorrow and next Friday and that is it! I would have worked there 2 years this March!
Anyways. Joey and I started recieving gifts in the mail!! :D Which is VERY exciting for me since I love getting mail, and I love it is doubly awesome lol The presents were from my mom's friend in Corpus. She has been friends w/ my mom since I was in daycare. Her daughter and I went to daycare together and grew up as friends. The daughter, Jennifer, also sent us a present in the mail :) Which it says that something else is being sent separtely :) Oh from Karen (my mom's friend) we got our vacuum and our comforter :) And from Jennifer we got the pretty silver sheets we signed up for :) I am so excited about my shower coming up! I think they sent the presents bc they might not be able to come!
I talked to my brothers today, Justin and Matt, it was nice to hear from them. They live in I haven't seen them in about 5 yrs. They are thinking about coming to the wedding, which makes me really happy :D I got to hear the newest addition to Justin and Christie ( not sure how she spells it :) ) family....he babbled a little, and I got to hear my niece say Hi :) They sound so cute! I am excited for Joey to meet them. I do have 1 more brother, R.D. or Richard :) I hope he will be able to make it too!
Wow this is a long post... I'm gonna go play WoW or something :) Have a great day!

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