Friday, October 16, 2009


Hi Guys!

So about a week ago I decided to attend a coupon class. I have been reading Heather's blog and how she has saved SO much money on groceries for her family. Her family is a family of 6, so I thought that if she could get her groceries for cheap, I could too! The night before there was only one spot left and I felt that I was supposed to attend.  Here's a link to Heather's blog that has a list of previous blogs about her savings(scroll to the bottom, where it says "here" then click):

I attended and got so much good advice! I will share only a little though since Heather and her friend Kirby make money from their coupon class. I don't want to tell too much. :)

If you want to get started with this...
here is another one of Heather's blog to help you get started: (keep reading it will be there)

She recommends The Grocery Game, but I am not using it, since the blogs below have most of the deals. One deal for Kroger was not on the TGG but it was on a blog. So if you just want an easy list to look at I recommend it, if you are pretty good at checking the blogs below and looking in ads I think you would be ok without it. 

Some of the blogs she talks about there, which you can find good deals from stores on there are:

Money saving mom got me good deals today!!! :D

I went to Target twice today. But that's ok, since the deal was worth it :) ( the coupons were 1 per transaction) I am so excited to share what I got and how much I saved!!
Here is what I got

- 2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest  Penne Pasta
- 2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Thin Spaghetti
- 4 pack of lightbulbs
- 2 Degree Fine Fragrance Collection Deodorants
- 2 Degree Fine Fragrance Collection Body Mist
- 1 hand sanitizer (nothing special, I just needed some)
Retail total: $20.88

I got it for......

I am SO excited!!! 

How I did this:

   - The pasta it is on sale at Target for $1 now. I got 2 coupons online for buy 2 save $1! So I got 2 pastas for $1.00.
   -Then with the degree products, there is a Target coupon for save $3 when you buy the mist and the deodorant. Then there are coupons online for save $1.50 for 1 deodorant or mist. Well at Target you can use their coupon and another manufacturers coupon! So with that I bought 2 (one mist and deodorant) I got to use 2 $1.50 coupons then the $3.00!! I got the deodorant and the mist for $.58! :D
  - The lighbulbs are on sale for $2. I had a $1 coupon that I got from the paper. So those 4 lightbulbs were only $1! And those are the nice bright light ones!

I found out about the Degree products and the pasta from the "money saving mom" blog. The lightbulbs I found the deal by looking at the Target ad :)

Alright that is all for now! :D I will keep you up to date about the good deals I get!
I am so grateful that Heather and Kirby are teaching that class. My hopes for using coupons and saving money is to be a blessing to others with the money I save and just to be a wise shopper with the money God has blessed us with!

One thing I really loved that Heather said was about saving money on things her and her family don't even use. She said that sometimes things are extremely cheap(with the use of coupons and a sale) and even though they do not use them, she will buy the items and give them away! What a great idea! There are always people doing food drives for different places, and there are times people are collecting stuff to send to soldiers/children in different countries, and sometimes even your church might need something for the kitchen. This is what I meant by blessing others with the money I save. Saving money can help us be able to contribute more to the church or something to help others! I love that idea! :)

I am so excited to see what other deals I am going to find! I hope this helps anyone who is interested in saving money!

Have a beautiful, sunny day!

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