Friday, October 9, 2009


This is going to be a random picture blog.

Oh and on a side note, I'm going to stop blogging about the weather bc as soon as I do it changes. lol Today it rained a whole bunch and now it's cold! Well it's 63, but the wind is blowing and it feels cold!

Ok back to photos...

Yao was sitting under the blanket and I decided it would be funny to make his ears poke out the top. He's such a good kitty! He didn't mind me doing that at all.

While Joey cleaned the tank I was going to take the turtles to sun. However, the sun was setting and it wouldn't shine into the container. So I brought them back inside. Burney was amused. He loves watching them swim in their tank, so he loved seeing them up close. 

Yao intensely watching the birds.

That is all I have right now. If you are wondering where our third cat is, she doesn't like to be photographed so I respect her wishes!

Have a great night, enjoy some hot coco or hot tea! :)

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