Friday, October 23, 2009

YAY! More couponing!

Today I went to Kroger and got groceries, it doesn't sound exciting but I promise it is! I planned out some meals and what we could have for lunch and snacks and such, which is a good idea if whoever is reading does the grocery shopping. Meal planning! However don't make the mistake I have, buying stuff and never using it, or buying the stuff at full price! Always look for a sale and if you have coupons it's even better!!

Ok So today I went to Kroger. I was really nervous about this trip since this was my first time doing actual meal planning grocery shopping and using coupons.It turned out to be very successful!! I took a picture of my purchase again to show you because I was so excited!

A lot of stuff I know!! :D I took close up pics so you can see what is actually there. I told you I was excited!

Alright here is the list of what I got: 
- 2 Pillsbury Grands Biscuts
- 2 Pillsbury Crescent rolls
- 1 Sour Cream
- Eggs
- 2 packages of little smokie suasages
- 1 bell pepper
- 2 tomatoes
- 6 bananas
- 3 apples
- 2 cans of pineapple
- 5 packets of Koolaid
- 1 can of Bush's chili beans
- 1 can of Bush's kidney beans
- 1 package of cookie frosting
- 3 cans of refried beans
- 4 Nature Valley Nut Clusters
- 1 box fruit loops
- 1 Fritos Scoops
- 4 boxes of Fiber One bars
- 1 can of pears
- 2 cans of Progresso soup
- 2 Healthy Choice microwave soups
- 4 Cream of Chicken soup
- 1 pack of lunchmeat
- 1 ketchup
- 1 8-pack of Bounty
- Bread
- 1 can of Rotel
- 1 frozen corn
- 3 Healthy Choice frozen meals
- 1 thing of flour tortillas
- 1 1lb ground hamburger meat
- 1 package of cornmeal
- 1 gallon of milk

If you are still reading, I promise it is worth it :)

All of that totals normally to $119.48

I got it for.....

A savings of $54.11!
I told you it was worth it to keep reading :) 

How did I do it you ask? Combing sale prices and coupons!

The reason why I got 4 Fiber One bars is not because I have a huge problem with my digestive health. They were on sale and I had 4 coupons. Joey likes to eat one for breakfast every day, so I figure stocking up would be a good thing!

The Fiber One Bars were 4 for $10. At the register you got an instant $4 off. So that meant they were 4 for $6. I then had a $.40 coupon for each one of them. That doubles to $.80. So that made the bars $2.80 for 4 boxes! Usually just one box costs that much!

The other deal I got was on the Nature Valley Nut Clusters. They were also 4 for $10. So they were 4 for $6 (after the instant discount, again) I had a coupon for $1.00 for each box. So I got them for at least $2.00 if not cheaper! I say that because for both the Fiber One bars and these I had coupons loaded on my Kroger card for them. I can't tell if I got even more off, but I wouldn't doubt it!! :D Oh and normally the nut clusters are about $3.20 or so!

The only things I bought that I didn't have a coupon for were the sour cream, the refried beans, the fritos, can of rotel, the produce, bread, tortillas, cornbread, the beans, koolaid and milk.  That is it. However some of those things were on sale. The other things I had physical coupons or some loaded on my Kroger card. In some cases both :)

I am super excited about my shopping trip! :)

Have a lovely night!

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