Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Projects!

I love the Spring season! Usually Texas has such nice weather, before the heat of summer kicks in. One of the things I love about Spring is being outside and planting flowers!

Well today Joey and I went to the hardware stores to look at a project we are starting on! It is rather a big one, but our animals will love it! We bought all the wood for it, some drylock, screws and all that fun stuff. Then tonight we went and bought a filter for it.

What is it you may ask?! We (really Joey with my awesome father-in-law's help, Mike) are building an indoor turtle pond!!

It will be made out of wood and plywood, sealed so it won't leak. I'm not too sure about the specific lengths and such right now though. We will line it twice with a liner. It will hold 110 gallons. There will be sand in the bottom and then ramping out of the water will be the turtle's basking place :)

Why are we doing this? Well simply because even though our turtle babies have a 40 gallon tank, it is getting too small for them! They are fighting over space. Tardy has attacked Nibbler and made him bleed pretty badly,that was not fun, and they are still taunting each other! This will allow the crazy boys to have a bunch of room!

Here is a picture of the men at work :)
I am really excited about this pond!

The cats will be fascinated too. There will be a ledge where they can watch the turtles from. Burney will LOVE this since he loves watching the turtles, he is so fascinated by them! :)

Oh! The fishies that are living with the turtles are down from 5 to 2! Not sure what happened, but the turtles ate 2 fish. I woke up 2 different mornings to a turtle having a dead fish hanging out of his mouth! Joey thinks the fish died and so the turtles ate them. I think that's the case since Nibbler has never killed a fish and he was chowing down on one!

Here is the other project that I did today!
I have had those planters for a year and after I bought them I was unsure on how to put plants in them, since there are big openings on the sides.

Well today I got some moss and lined the planter, then put dirt and planted some pretty flowers in them! I thought this would spruce up our front porch!

The flowers are really pretty!

That and weeding the flowerbeds is what I was doing today while Joey and Mike were working!

We had a very productive day!

Joey and I also bought a little hummingbird feeder that attaches to the window! We are going to put that on the window facing the backyard so the kitties can watch the birds! :)

I will post a picture of the turtle pond when it gets more shapely and when it is done! I'm thinking it will be done sometimes in April, maybe mid-April :)

Enjoy this beautiful Spring weather!

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