Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is Here!! least where we are at!

It is beautiful here! The sun is shining, the little lizards around our house are back and the grass is again growing!

It looks like this will be fun Spring!

Since we have moved in, there has been a nest in one of our gutters (in the front in the overhang over our front door). Well we just haven't gotten around to getting it out. This morning we were leaving for church and I noticed a dove walking towards it and then I saw a dove in the nest. So we have a mommy dove!! :D She chose to have her babies at our house! How awesome!  I haven't had that happen so near/on our house since I was little. When we had a bird make a nest in a flower pot on our front porch.

I walked up to get a piece of paper off of our front door (spam) and the mommy dove just looked down at me :) I told her I would leave her alone and she is welcome to have her babies there. I also noticed 2 little lizards were on our house watching me too!
Here she is:
Such a sweet bird! She is such a beautiful reminder of how God takes care of all his creation.

I love Spring! :) I plan on getting some pretty flowers to put on each side of our front door.

I think the kitties are enjoying the sunshine too! They are love to sunbathe! It's about good enough weather for them to be able to have their outside adventures! Burney is now big enough to go out too! We will have to keep watch of 3 kitties! It was pretty hard last year just watching Daisy and keeping Yao from eating the grass! lol

Even though I am thankful for different seasons, Spring is my favorite!

My Spring Break is this week! Yay! I have some projects for school to do and I have a few special projects I want to do around the house. Other than that I want to have fun and relax! :)

I talked to my great grandma Friday. She is doing good! She told me that she's not up to much and wondered how everyone else was doing. I told her about me going to school and Joey keeping busy with work, us helping with Rosie's benefit and my dad and my stepmom's anniversary. (Already 7 years this past week!) My great grandma was having a good day. She recognized instantly who I was when I said "Hi Granny, this is Rachel". Sometimes she gets me confused with someone else. Her sense of humor is still going strong, which is something I have always loved about her! My great granny will be 95 this April!! I told her back when she turned 90, that once you get so old, you just start counting your age back down. Which meant she would've been 89, so she liked that idea! lol

Alright I think I'm going to go take a nap...since we lost that hour of sleep! Have a great day!

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