Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Cheap Kroger Trip + Using my new Food Processor!

This past Tuesday I decided to go to Kroger, pick up some bread and a few other things to use my $3.00 off of my purchase. Here is what I got:

I was soo excited that I was going to get this for so cheap, but when I tried to make the purchase and use the $3 off coupon w/o the carrots, I was .10 I had to get something else, since even though the manager tried, the register would not let them give me .10 back. So I decided to get the carrots, even though the price had gone up from last week. 

Regardless I should not be complaining, because I paid $1.89!! :D

-The hot sauces and floss were FREE!! :D
-The French Bread (which will be used for French bread pizza) was .99! Manager Special
- Loaf of bred was on sale too, which is nice, since we like this kind and it is not cheap otherwise
- Carrots 1.99! They were $1 the week before.
- Trident gum .25 (I forgot to put it in the picture!)

Was a pretty good trip :)

I got home that day and I shredded the carrots we already had, since they were about to go bad. I also chopped an onion in the food processor my grandma gave me for Christmas. The one she gave me is like the really nice CuisineArt one that shreds, then you flip the disk and it slices, etc. However the one I have is probably  from the 80's and I think is a Black and Decker. But I LOVE it!!! I didn't have to pay $200 for the CuisineArt one and my grandma wanted to get rid of it. What a blessing!! I love it when that happens, you want something and someone you know wants to get rid of that same item! :)

Back to my story. I chopped an onion, which went into my freezer for later. Just a tip...when you just chopped a big piece of onion in the processor, you stop it and want to see how fine it chopped...don't look down the food chute. I put my face over it (when it was stopped of course) and it burned my eyes!! I have never cried from an onion till then! lol Just thought I would throw that tip in there! :)

Go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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