Monday, April 26, 2010

Decluttering The Pantry!

I haven't been able to do much decluttering lately(school and such), but this morning I decided to do a small area. 

Joey got his gallbladder out on Friday, so I've been taking care of him. I don't mind it at all! Although he's pretty tough and insists on doing most things by himself. He never took any pain medication after he got home either! I'm impressed! :) Not sure I'd be the same!

Anyways this morning, I wanted to declutter something, so I thought the pantry would be a great little project. 




I mostly threw away stuff that has been in the pantry forever. Then I put up the bags of like crackers that have been open and such back in their box. I moved a few things around on the bottom shelf so I could fit the napkins on the shelf. 

Oh,  what's in that orange bin I'm sure your wondering(on the pantry floor) holds my little stockpile. The bin holds extra pasta (that I got for free at Kroger), extra crackers, hot chocolate, container of oatmeal, my extra brown sugar and my one extra box of cereal.  On the shelf (with the cans) I have 4 ragus, extra mustard, salad dressing, 2 jars of pace, 9 cans of green beans all of which is part of my stockpile. I got most all of those things pretty cheap!

Not much, but I have a sense of accomplishment :)

Hope you enjoyed it! :) Have a lovely day!

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