Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update on Spring Projects

I previously wrote a post a little while back about Joey and my's spring projects. He is building an indoor turtle pond for our turtle babies. I planted some flowers to go by our front door. Well I took pictures of what's happening now! :)

Yesterday I started staining the outside panels for the turtle tank. Today I put on another coat on one piece, stained a few more pieces Joey cut for me, and I put finish on most of the panels. The panels are in a red mahogany color, they look so nice! :)

Here's pics:
These first 2 pictures are not that good bc the sun was going down. I stained these last night. 

This is what I did today:

You can see the color so much better in that picture :)

Here is what the tank looks like as of yesterday (this pic. was taken before I painted the panel)

(Where the opening is in the panel is what will be a door to access the filter)

Joey got the liner nailed in place today :) As well as cut the panels to go on the top, which I put stain on them. All that is left is I need to put finish on two pieces I stained today and then apply a second coat of finish on the panels. Then the panels need to be nailed on. Then move the tank inside, fill with water, add sand, and then I think just add turtles :)

Checking back on my little project. My flowers have taken off!! That Miracle Grow Moisture Control soil is awesome! It was only a dollar more and I have a history of under-watering or over-watering, which this soil is to protect the plant in each condition, so I bought it. I figured one more dollar would be worth it, it's either that or waste $8 worth of flowers!

Here's what my flowers look like now:

This is what they looked like right when they were planted:

Time for their close-up!

I like this picture because you can see my cute little flower pot couple(in the window). My awesome Mother-in-law got them for me in a silent auction at a church fundraiser. I think they are so adorable!! 

They greet people as they come to the door :)

Oh something else I picked up at Kroger:
This little guy was left over from the Easter stuff! No one wanted him! He originally costs $6.99 and he was 75% off!! I got him for $1.75!! I think he's so cute! I don't have much Easter/Spring stuff, so I thought he'd look great in our home. 

That is all I have for you for now! I will update you on the turtle tank progress. We are hoping to have it done sometimes this next week!! Yay!!  Have a lovely night!

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