Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tackling the Kitchen

So last week Money Saving Mom challenged her readers to clean out their kitchen. I didn't have any time to do that, until today!

Since most of our kitchen gadgets and such we just got last year, I didn't have much to get rid of. I probably  do but that would take a really long time for me to go through each cabinet...so I mostly cleaned/organized! :D I will go back a little later and get rid of some things, but there won't be enough difference for a "wow" picture. :)

Alright now onto the before/after photos! 

Pesky island is such a catch-all

Sink full of dishes and overflowing...it happens

This is not that bad...usually there's more :)

Spice cabinet

Coupon drawer and reciepts w/ savings waiting to be entered into spreadsheet


Nice clean bar :) Papers were put in the "to file" pile
I cleaned the counter-top.
(You can see my catch-all place when I come home...I'm working on that)

Kitchen sink all empty. I even cleaned the sink!
I put away the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and loaded the dirty ones. 

I put the papers away 

I reorganized the spice cabinet. Got rid of a few things and found a big jar of Basil I'm going to donate to our church...if they want it :)

Coupon drawer! I put away the recipes I had just thrown in there. I put the coupons up and got rid of the extra junk.

I even cleaned the stove top! It was weird, as I wiped the stove and the little counter-top next to it (under the spice cabinet...where the spice rack is in the pic.) the cloth picked up all this red stuff and turned red. Like a bright red. I was wondering "what in the world?!" Then I realized...every time I make Kool-aid...I do it right on that counter-top! It was Kool-aid powder!! lol It got all the way onto the stove! Very strange!

Here is a picture of our nicely cleaned stove top

That is all I have to show you for now! Hope you enjoyed! :)

Have a lovely evening!

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