Thursday, April 8, 2010

Decluttering the Closet

Money Saving Mom is one of my favorite deal website. Right now she is doing a series about decluttering. She is taking pictures of her house before and after. So far she has done the hall closet, living room, and today was the kitchen. She is also encouraging others to take her challenge and declutter with her!

So I got motivated and started cleaning!

I reorganized the hall/coat closet. Then I started on our master closet. It had gotten quite messy in there! And guess what?! I took pictures to show all of you! And I am not ashamed that it got messy, because face it...everyone has areas in their house that gathers extra things. I am not too happy it got messy, but it happens :)

Ok here it is:
(I had to take different angles so you could really see it all)

Shirts that are going to be worn for painting (on the floor)

Purse basket was overflowing. Extra boxes needing to be thrown away.

Disorganized jewlery
Clothes I wear for a little while, instead of putting them away they sit on the shelf. 
Extra junk on the bottom shelf

(Our shelf is not crooked...I was on my tip-toes)
Gift wrap stuff and bags


Moved the rid of some shirts (hanging in the background). Plus put up winter shirts.

Got rid of 3 purses and trash. Put suitcases inside each other and moved them together.

Got rid of jewelry I never wear. Put clothes away. Put the extra things back in their place.

Re-organized gift bags and stuff. That pile next to my boot box is the shirts that will be worn for painting. Looks much better than them thrown on the floor!

Oh! I also hung the photo frames I bought back in January.
They are in the hallway :)

Again...these aren't crooked in real-life...I was in the bathroom doorway trying to get both in the picture. :)

What it looks like looking in the hallway :)

I'm going to keep on decluttering and posting my before/after pictures! Hopefully this can encourage you or give you some motivation to declutter. If you don't have a lot of time, you can pick smaller a junk drawer :)

Have a sunny day! :D

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