Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wow! I know I'm a little late in posting about this, but I didn't want to just skip over it :)

We had a very good Christmas(es)! We have a lot of family to see, so our Christmas time looked like this:

December 18th- I graduated from HBU! (Doesn't have to deal with Christmas- but WOOHOO!)
      - That night we had a Christmas Gala to go to
December 19th- Christmas with Joey's mom, Mike and Rachel
December 23rd- Christmas with my mom and grandma
December 24th- Christmas Eve party with Joey's step family
December 25th- 27th- Christmas with Joey's dad side in Austin
January 1st- Christmas and birthday with my dad- Yep, my daddy was a New Year's baby (not the official 1st, but still a great gift for the new year!)

So now you see why I haven't posted lately! lol

This year I plan on posting my Christmas decor actually before Christmas is over!

I got an awesome gift from my husband for Christmas/our anniversary :) He said it was just Christmas, but since it is a really nice/expensive gift I made it count for our anniversary too :)

Here she is:
I was shocked when I unwrapped it! 
I've been talking ever since we got married that I wanted one, but knew that it was too expensive!

Joey did an awesome job! I honestly expected the Classic, which is the most inexpensive(still expensive) one you can get! So to see the Professional caught me SO off guard! 

He did tell me that he got a good deal on it :) 

Here she is on my counter! I love the lift!

Oh, yeah and she can hold 14 cups of flour!!

I have already made 3 loafs of Zucchini Bread 
(it was so yummy- got the recipe from Better Home and G. cookbook)
and a big batch of cookies!

I love that it just mixes and I can walk away and prepare the rest of the recipe!

I definitely see more baking/cooking in my future! :D I want to try making white bread. I see another batch of cookies in my future (perhaps tomorrow). I use this recipe. I double it, using a whole bag of chocolate chips.

I also got a Scentsy warmer from my mom! :D I really like it! I have Sugar Cookie in it right now, earlier I had Peppermint in it. Walmart has some wax like the Scentsy blocks, so that's where the peppermint came from.  

We got a lovely gift from Joey's dad. He got a wedding photo, which we got from Evoke, framed for us! It is SO beautiful! I need to get a picture hook so we can hang it! It is going to go above our mantle, it will look PERFECT! :D I'll share a picture with you soon!

The kitties got a new present too. They were very excited (or I was) that their grandpa (my dad) and grandma (my step mom, Cat) got it for them. It's the Drinkwell fountain! It is a water bowl that also has a little fountain. The boys love it, since they love drinking out of the faucet! We set it up and they kept going back to it to see if it was still on! lol Daisy is just happy to have water.

I am very blessed to have such wonderful family!

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