Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Target Deals

One of my favorite parts of the year, after Christmas! It is kinda sad to say goodbye to the season that the whole rest of the year is focused on. However, I LOVE the after Christmas sales! :D

I always seem to find the best deals at Target. Well, actually I don't go many other places than Target for the Christmas clearance!

This year was a little weird with our Target. Last year they left the stuff all on the shelves. However I went last week to find a bunch of stuff heaped in shopping carts! Not just candy, cloth napkins, baking mixes,but also breakable stuff. It was kinda annoying, but Joey, as always, helped me see their side. He's awesome like that :)

Here is what I got from our Target:

- Ornaments for next year! 50% off 
I love the colors!!
- 50 shatter-proof ornaments $7.50
- 40 mini ornaments for vase filler $3.00
- Tube of ornaments .50
- Ornament hangers .50
TOTAL: $11.50

75% off
-Tree jar $1.25 
I had eyed it all December too! I was happy to find one on clearance!
- Flameless votive candles 3 pk $3.25
- Monkey ornament .50
- 35 bows .25
-Table Runner $3.75
- Calendar .25
-15 pack tissue paper .25
TOTAL: $ 12.75
(less than one of those flameless candle pack normally!)

I am SO excited about these candles!They are normally $13 each!
I found one in the clearance section. Then I went to check out those in the candle isle. Sure enough, those were on clearance too!

This table runner has me excited too! 
Normally $14.99
It will go so perfectly with the china we got from G-ma! 
Plus this has no Christmasy thing on it. Just a silver boarder!

I am excited that I found such great deals! It is such a blessing!!

I hope you have a beautiful day! Enjoy the sunshine!

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