Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Tip: Clean Your Washer

 I know it sounds really weird. However I discovered something at the top of our washer. So I grabbed my camera so that I could show you! Not the most exciting thing, but I thought it might be helpful :)

The other day I noticed this as I was taking towels out of the wash:
Uh, yuck! There was lint, cat hair and such at the top of the washing drum. 
It doesn't get in with the things I wash, it just sits on top of the drum. 
It looked gross!

So I grabbed a rag and wiped it off. Which took just a few minutes. 
Ahh! Much better!

So next time your washing a load, look at the top of your washing drum(the very top, just under the lid). You might want to take just a few seconds and wipe it off. 
A simple way to make your washer look nicer, and hopefully make it a little more appealing to wash clothes! 

Night! :)

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