Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My To-Do List

I decided to post my to-do list, so that I keep myself accountable to actually do these things. Plus I will have a nice list just in case I forget what I need to do :)

Laundry baskets
To Do:

- Laundry!!
    o Clothes
    o Towels
    o Blankets
    o Sheets
Yep, I have a lot of laundry! :)

Front Room:
-Put Christmas boxes in the attic (not looking forward to shoving those up the little pull down stairs)
- Hang plates on the wall
- Eventually hang frames on wall (got this one done in April)
- Sweep entry tile

Master Bedroom:
- Clean mirror
- Dust
- Organize closet a little more

- Take stuff to Woman's shelter
- Take stuff to goodwill
     (finally did these yesterday 3/3! SO glad I got this done!!)

- Clean it

- Clean off island/bar
- Fix decor on top of cabinet

Laundry Room:
- Rearrange
- Get rid of extra boxes on shelf

Living Room:
- Declutter!
- Put away blankets
-De-fur sofa

- File away papers (Seriously need to do this!)- Done 3/2
- Put old papers in a box for attic(?) I guess that's what you do? - Done 3/2
          (We have a whole box of papers to shred!)
- Get shredder- shred papers

Box Room (an extra bedroom that just has boxes right now):
- Move white desk in guest bedroom
- Go through boxes
     o Get rid of extra boxes- Done 3/3
              (Took extra plastic bins to Goodwill along with the "garage sale pile")
     o Organize

Other (these are the eventually, not exactly right now to-do's):
- Clean off patio
- Clean poarch roof entry- this will be when it gets a little warmer. We have yucky cobwebs and dobber nests.
- Clean sawdust out of garage
- Organize garage

- Make white bread

Of course these things are not all going to get done in a day, but each day I would like to tackle this list!

Basically my house is in the shape that it would benefit from the "about to have someone over" cleaning tornado. ;)

I better go, the washer just stopped! :)

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