Sunday, August 21, 2011

Substituting, Nemo, and a Haircut

I haven't blogged in a while! Opps! Sorry, I've been busy! I started working at Joey's job 3 weeks ago. Then our weekends have been busy!

I like working with Joey! :) I get to see him during the day and I get to eat lunch with him everyday! I do little odd jobs. The first 2 weeks was like data entry stuff. Last week was shredding old things from the late 80's- about 1998. Yep...I was shredding stuff that was as old as me, and some older! 

School is about to start for Lamar, FBISD, and Needville. Which I will be subbing at all of them! Yay! I got a letter in the mail from Needville inviting me to their substitute orientation! I tried to get in in January, but since they are such a small school, they only do orientation once a year. I am so excited that I'll get to be a substitute where I went to school! 

 We also got a new kitty! His name is Nemo! He is all black, except for a little white patch on his neck. He also has a little smoky color on his tummy and legs. Nemo is almost 3 months old! We got him at CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection), which Joey's grandma help start! :) CAP had a little event that had animals 50-100% off! I was thinking about getting another cat. Then Joey saw CAP's advertisement, so we decided to go!
We found Nemo! 
(I promise I'm not strangling him in the picture!)

Nemo was free! 
Plus, CAP:
- neutered him for free
- gave him his first round of shots (minus rabies since he's little)
- gave us 30 days of pet insurance
- paid for the 1st vet visit
- gave us coupons and goodies for him
What a blessing that event was! So many animals were getting adopted! :D

Our biggest thing was it was really important to get a kitty that we thought would fit well into our home. 
One of the volunteers took out Nemo and let him look at the fish tank they had. He LOVED trying to get at the fish. So we asked to hold him. Nemo then fell asleep in Joey's lap.  He was the perfect balance. Crazy for Daisy, calm and snuggly for Burney! :)

The first days, there was a lot of hissing. Daisy was not mad...we figured out she was afraid of him! She wanted to get close to him, but when he looked at her, it scared her!
Burney hid. 

Now, everything is MUCH better! Nemo tries to pounce on Burney...Burney just stares at him! Lol Daisy plays with him at times. Nemo loves those little bell balls and following us around!

We are working on where he's not supposed to go (counters) and his play biting. He likes to bite our hands/legs. He'll wrap his legs and arms around your arm and play bite. Then he'll lick, as if to say "I'm just playin'!"  He's just so silly! Nemo's motorboat is SO loud! :) He also meows a little as he walks around the house! I love it! 

Oh...and Nemo farts. Like a lot! Almost every time I pick him up, he farts! Joey picks him up...nothing. It's just on me. 

I love having a kitten in the house again! 
Nemo is so entertaining to watch! 
He's just so adorable! :)

 Other News: Friday I went and cut my hair off :) I was ready for something different. Plus, in this heat, my hair was always in a ponytail. So I wanted something that would be cooler!

I had a pretty long ponytail! 

Here's Nemo about to attack my legs.

This is right after I got home from the haircut place!
I LOVE it! 
It is so much easier to care for!

Case in point:
Joey and I went to the beach yesterday. Joey's sister had her birthday party there. (It was fun!) 
We were there from 2pm-7pm.  Normally, my hair would be a huge, tangled, frizzy mess.

This is what it looked like with my new haircut:
(I didn't get my hair wet, except the one random wave that got 1 side a little wet)

I like my hair crazy wavy/curly! 
I have yet to straighten all of it, but I'll try that soon and post a picture!

That's all the excitement that's been happening in our house! 
Have a great week!

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