Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Summer's Projects!

I just dumped all my pictures onto my computer! I found so many of things I wanted to post about, but forgot! Oops! 

Photos incoming!!

One three day weekend Joey and I decided to tackle our landscape! We had wood mulch that had been there since the house was built (2007). Needless to say it was looking pretty sad! The day or so leading up to the weekend we shoveled out the old mulch, the old ant mounds and bought dirt to level the beds out. 

I forgot to take before photos :( Just picture a flower bed with tons of weeds (since there was no weed barrier) and ugly old wood mulch! 
We decided to hire Joey's sister to help us! 
Such a good idea! 
She was so helpful and we got it done in a few hours!

We decided to go with rubber mulch, while it's more expensive, it lasts much longer than wood mulch!

Love my turtle from my mother-in-law! :)

Daisy was very interested in what we were doing!

My Summer mantel
- outer most blue jars: have wooden spools with colorful thread on them
- Middle blue jars: Tiny pebbles ( like aquarium kind) with flameless candles
- Tall jar: shells with a sea horse on top

One day I decided to rearrange the things on top of our kitchen cabinets. 
I thought it was looking crowded, so I wanted to simplify it!

(had an old cheese grater leaning against the flowers, but it got knocked down)


SO much better! 
So far I have switched out the teapot (in the last picture) for a vintage percolator I got at a garage sale. 
I am thinking about switching out the pitcher (in the crate) with some cookbooks. 
Not sure if I'll like it, but I'm going to try it to see :)

While I was doing that I also decorated with what was on the counter. 
- Tray I redid! 
- Vintage recipe holder( from Joey's grandma)
What is that on the left you ask?

I got an idea when I had this apothecary jar just sitting around being unused. 
It used to house a terrarium my grandma built for me. 
It got infested with flies.

I remembered seeing, on someone's blog, a glass jar being used to hold their dishwasher powder.  
I liked the functionality and practical usage with the decorative touch! 
So it stuck in my mental decor folder. 

Then that day I thought about how tired I was of reaching under the sink to get a tab each time. 
I also thought they were a nice pretty teal color. 
Then I remembered my jar! 
I decided to try and see what it looked like. 
I really like it! I can easily access the tabs, plus I can see when we are running low! 

We had/are having a great summer! We got some projects done that needed to be done. I love working on projects with Joey! It makes it so much more fun when you are working with someone you love to be with! :)

Have a fantastic week!

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