Saturday, August 27, 2011

This weekend's To Do List!

Yay! It's Saturday! One thing about working all week 8-5 (well working 4 days, since I usually take a day off for errands) is that you really look forward to the weekends. Another thing is, housework waits till the weekend. Sometimes I can get some done during the week, it depends on the day, sometimes I can't! This week was a little crazy, so I'm using today and tomorrow to get our house back in order! :)

To Do:
- Dust living room and front room
- Vacuum front room
- Vacuum master
- Vacuum kitchen
- Vacuum living room and hallway
       ( I broke those down so I'll feel more accomplished by being able to check more things off! lol)
- Laundry - I usually have a schedule I adhere to, but it didn't happen this week!
      o Towels
      o Sheets
      o Joey's clothes
      o My clothes
      o Rags- cleaning towels
- Clean master bathroom
      o Toilet, tub, counter, shower
      o Vacuum floor
- Clean guest bath
      o Toilet, tub, counter
      o Vacuum floor
- Febreeze couch
- Flip couch cushions

Decor To Do:
- Fix front door basket. It has these flowers in there that were just put in there and surrounded by paper ( i  forgot to get some of that green floral foam). Needless to say, it really needs a makeover! **Edit: It looks much better now thanks to a little more flowers and ribbon!

- Move cute and unused cookbooks to inside crate that's on top of the fridge
- Swap placement of brown and blue chair in living room

Fun To Do:
- Spend time playing or snuggling with each kitty
      o Daisy
      o Burney
      o Nemo

- Get together with some of Joey's family for lunch today! - It was fun! The food was delicious!

That's it! I've already gotten some of these done today! I love being able to cross things off my list! :) Off I go to do some more!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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