Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So as of right now Joey and I are less than 3 months away from getting married! :D I am so so excited!! We still have to taste-test the food, order the invitations, and take engagement pictures, but they will all get done :) The legs for the bedroom furniture Joey's parents bought for us finally came in. So the bed actually has a frame, so Joey doesn't have to sleep on the box springs and mattress on the floor lol

Today was a nice day! Class got out early for spiritual emphasis week, so Joey and I ate lunch together..BBQ it was nice! There were 2 (or 3) really cute kitties that hang out around there. I would love to take one, but Daisy or Yao wouldn't like that (depending on where I took it!) Daisy= Joey's kitten. Yao= my big kitty :D I went to Petsmart and got Yao and Daisy a feather stick...a stick that has a feather on the end...they like them. Poor Yao his feather stick has been MIA for some time now! lol It was adoption day at Petsmart and there was a cute lil white fluffy puppy!

I am not sure yet what I want this blog to be about...either something for our family to read before and after we get married, or Joey will create one too and each of our families can read... I thought it would be a cool idea :)

Back to wedding stuff (sorry my brain jumps around...ADD) For about 2 months now I have been trying to bid on these love birds cake topper for either on top of the wedding cake or somewhere at the wedding :) Anyways each time I bid for it I get out bid!! The first time, I was new to Ebay and was not sure how it worked, so I just bid like a lil over the bid that was already there, well Joey taught me what to do. :) The next time I made a high bid at $15.00, the bidding usually starts at $9.99 for the birds. So I was winning it until 5am the morning before the bidding was about to close. GRR I was determined that I was not going to pay over $15 for it, but as of right now I bidded on another one at $18. The item is getting sold by the same ppl, some wedding supplies company, so it keeps getting reenlisted...hopefully I will get one!! I am hoping I will win it on the auction that ends today! So far that has been my adventure with Ebay, sorry if the story was boring, I thought it was a lil entertaining :)

----Gaming Info Incoming----
Today is the day that the huge patch comes out on World of Warcraft for Wrath of the Lich King!! :D Everything is being introduced excpet Northrend, some class changes, and something else I can not seem to remember :) WotLK comes out November 13th...I'm sure whoever reads this and is interested already knows that! I am so so excited, reading the history makes the game so much more fun! So I recomind doing that! Even just reading the part about Arthas is interesting! There are many videos about him.
Here are some really awesome movies on the expansion about to come out though:
and then

Well I hope whoever is reading this has a great day! :D

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