Thursday, October 23, 2008

My busy week

Well as most of you know that I had a pretty crazy time this week (referring to last post). I am so happy that today is over and I feel so relieved. My test in Curriculum and Instruction was not that hard :) My project for Language and Cognitive Dvlp. (of Young Children) was not that was just time consuming. I gave my presentation tonight and it went well. I of course forgot somethings to say, but that is normal :) The only thing I really have to do now is a a project making a yearly lesson plan. I have the Fall semester and my partner has the Spring semester.

The honeymoon stuff is coming along awesomely :) Joey found out that we don't really have to get a passport for the cruise! YAY! I was so worried that we wouldn't get our passport in time for the cruise. I have talked to 2 different people, one it took forver to get her passport, the other just took a few weeks! Anyways the only reason we would need one is we were to fly back to the US for some reason. Passports are not required for cruises until Summer 09 :D Joey just informed me that he just paid for our cruise today :D We are to have a room with a balcony!! I am so excited! I have never been out of the country or on a cruise, so this will be an awesome exprience! :)

Another part of good project I had in one class got pushed back from the Thursday before the shower to the Thursday after :) So I won't be stressed when I go to the shower. This shower is thrown by Patty, Peggy, Jeanne, Nita and Debbie. A bunch of people lol! Patty, Peggy, and Jeanne are from Joey's family...just in case you don't know and Debbie and Nita are good friends with my mom. Debbie has known my mom before I was even thought of :) It will be fun!

I realized that all my posts on here are long, Im sorry I just have a lot to whoever reads these things :) Well have a great day! :)

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