Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ebay experience

Earlier today I told you how I was bidding on the love bird wedding cake topper. Well about a few minutes before the auction was about to close (I was winning it previously) the other bidder decided to bid. And not just a little bit over, but $5 over the bid I placed.

So I just decided to give up. Well about 10 minutes after it had ended, I was checking my email and I got an email from Ebay telling me the seller was giving me a second chance!! :) I guess they saw me bid on the same item a while back that they had (they have like 50 of these toppers) so they decided to give it to me for the last bid I bidded trying to win it from the other person :) So I just paid for it and it will be here soon!! YAY! I am so excited! I thought it was a cute and different wedding cake topper!

You can see a picture of them on my later blog: (I love this picture!)

Well have a good night!

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