Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So much going on!

Hey guys!

One day someone will read all these and think I am crazy for basically posting to myself! lol Oh man I have so much going on this week! It all started going crazy yesterday. Yesterday I was supposed to meet a partner for a project that we are doing in one of my classes. We were supposed to meet around 4 I thought...long story short she never showed. I finally get a hold of her, and she tells me that she won't even be in class this week. So the project that is due Thursday...this Thursday I will have to do by myself!! This is quite a time consuming project! Then I have a test on Thursday also. Then I find out today that our project in another class, where we have to make a lesson plan for a whole year, is due this coming Tuesday!! ACK And this whole weekend I have to work! Everything is coming due it seems like! So today when I left school I was so majorly stressed out. I met Joey for lunch and he was so awesome that he calmed me down and helped me realize that there is nothing worth stressing over :) He is so awesome and I am so excited that I am going to be his wife!! Less than 3 months away! YAY!!

I had a ton of fun at my shower that Brittany threw me! :) And invitations are already sent out for the one that Joey's family organized for me! :) I am hoping by then school will be calm down just a lil! Even though the semester is coming to a close, and things will probably only get crazier! But the good thing is that almost all the major things are taken care of for the wedding! :D

Joey and I decided to not send pictures in the invitations, thank goodness bc we would have already had to take the photos or get them rushed (which right now I would hate to take them bc I have bad allergies and my nose is all red!) So that is such a big relief, we can just order the invitations and get them mailed! We just have to go taste-test the food and get the invitations ordered this month sometimes. The pictures can come a little later :)

Off to studying!

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