Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Random Thoughts

As I go through my day I have really random thoughts. I've been thinking about posting them for your enjoyment. Some of these may have answers that I just don't know. So here it goes:

- In those mascara commercials, those women look like they have a broom for eyelashes. What woman wants that? I guess there are some men that like that look?

- Why does the new(ish) Snuggle bear look so creepy in those commercials!

- Why hasn't anyone in those Geico pile-of-cash-with-eyes commercials ever just pick the eyes off and pocket the cash? That's what I would do!

- What did mosquitoes eat before the fall of man, or what did they feed on? Since I am assuming they did not feed on man.

- That would have been so weird to be Eve and have no fear or disgust about cockroaches.

- If the side effects are worse than the condition the person is taking the medicine for, then why would they use your medication?

- What did moths buzz around in Adam and Eve's time? The campfire? The moon?

- How cool would it have been to see Johnny Cash, June Carter, Elvis, Sinatra and artists in those days, play live!

- How do the owners of huge motorcycles keep the their motorcycle up when they are stopped? They must have crazy strong leg muscles!

- I love sunflowers! Some may see them as a weed, but I think they are beautiful!

- I wonder how they came up with a frog peeing on you would cause warts.

- Thank you Jesus for fried cheese (this was when I was eating mozzarella sticks)

- I love living in Texas...bc of Whataburger. (This one changes as I think of more things that is only in Texas)

- I love it when people are nice to each other...we have a man who I call Santa Claus(he has a white beard and a belly) who lives down the road from us (we have to pass his house to leave the subdivision) and everytime he sees me or Joey (prob. any car) he waves. :) It always makes me smile!

- The Michelin doggy commercial is so cute! (The one where the Michelin man goes to find his doggy in the storm...its a cute lil tube dog!!)

- Today I drove by the horse farm...there were 2 horses on the middle of the bridge, with many behind them. I believed the horses behind the 2 were trying to get through, if they could talk English they prob. were saying "EXCUSE MEEE!! HELLO?! HEY! I'M TRYING TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE! PLEASE MOVE!" or perhaps the 2 horses in the front were giving a tour, "And here we have the creek, it has water in it usually...sometimes it gets very high! Ethel, the elder, said she once saw a gator in there! And it was as long as this bridge!" Other horses: *GASP!* hehe (Those are random thoughts I have often...if animals could talk and we understood them, what would they be saying in the different situations I currently see them in)

- Why don't they have fans on the back of vacuums. Man, once I clean the whole house I am sweating like crazy! (sorry... gross, I know!) What do the older women with hot flashes do when they need to vacuum? Just not vacuum, what if they are having company and they have to? So that is why I think there needs to be a nice little fan blowing cold air on your face as you vacuum!

I will keep adding to this list. Just for your amusement :)

Have a great night!

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