Saturday, November 21, 2009

Target, Kohl's and JcPenney's Savings!

So it has been a little while since I have posted about my savings. I'm gonna combine my past 4 trips savings :) I went to Kohl's, Target twice, and  JcPenney's.

Here is what I got:

I took closer up pictures so you could see it better :)
Target Trip 1

Target Trip 2



The total amount for these items if I would have paid normal price (this includes sale and normal price, since some of the things I got were already on sale) : $49.20

I got all these items, for a total of... $6.89!!!

For those who hate math like me, that is a total savings of $42. 31!!

Here's how I did it!

Target Trip 1
  • Del Monte (select) canned veggies on sale for .45 
    • Bought 8 cans of green beans (french cut and normal cut)
    • Used 1 Buy 8, save $1
    • Used a Target Coupon for buy 6, save $1
    • Paid .20 each = $1.60
  • Slower Cooker Bags $1.87
    • Used $1 off
    • Paid .87
  • Steaz Tea
    • Used a coupon for a free one here 
    • FREE
  • Trident Gum $1.29 (The apple and pinapple is cheaper than the strawberry and orange flavor!)
    • This was an accident , I thought I was using a save $1 on 1, but it was save $1 on 2, the Target lady pushed it through though!
    • B1G1 Free
    • Buy 2 Save $1
    • Paid .29 for both!
  • Total: $2.71
Target Trip 2 
  • Strawberries on sale for $2.49
    • $1 off 
    • Paid $1.49 for a whole container!
  • Apples
    • On sale for .99 a pound
    • Paid $1. 89
  • Cat Treats
    • Found one on clearance 
    • Bought one at full price (1.34)
    • Had $2 off of 2
    • Had a $1 off 2 Target coupon
    • Free! Plus .61 that went to my other stuff!
Total: $2.69

  • Soap dispenar ($9.99)
    • On sale for $5.99
  • Washclothes ($9.99)
    • On sale for $3.99
  • Used a $10 off of $10 or more (got in the mail!)
Total: $1. 06

  • Purse($40.00 normally!)
    • on sale for 8.99
  • Earrings ($12.99)
    • on sale for $2.40
  • Used a $10 off of $10 or more (got in the mail)
Total: $.43

I am so blessed to find these good deals! I was extremely happy to find that purse, since mine was coming apart! We also needed a soap dispenser and more washcloths!

We will be set on green beans and kitty treats for a while! lol That's what stockpiling is all about though! :)

Here's a deal that might be happening next week, it all depends if the preview of the coupon section is correct. I use a Schick Quattro razor. Supposedly there will be a $2 off coupon in this Sunday's paper. At Kroger, until next Thurs. they have it B1G1 Schick Quattro razor blades(if I'm reading the ad right!). So you can use 2 of those $2 off and save $4 (since 2 are rung up, you can use 2 coupons)! That is a total of about $5 for both!!
I'm hoping that coupon will be there, since I am in need of razor blades. I hate buying them for full price bc they are very expensive, and hardly ever have a coupon. So if you need those too, keep your eyes open for that coupon. Just in case, I'm sorry if it's not there!
Edit: (11/23)

The coupon was in the Houston Chronicle this past Sunday (22nd). It is for $2 off! So if you need razors: disposable, or refills of razor blades for Schick, go to Kroger and use up to 2 of those coupons and B1G1 free! :)

Have a lovely day!

P.S. We are going to a Skillet concert tonight!! I'm SOO excited! Artists include: The Letter Black, Decyfer Down, Hawk Nelson, and Skillet! :D

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