Monday, December 14, 2009

Kroger Savings!

Alright, it has been a while since I had time to blog, so I am gonna be catching up today :)

Even though this was about a week ago or so, I want to share :)

Here it goes!!

I am really starting to LOVE Kroger's 10 for $10

Here I went and got 22 items

Everything you see here was the 10 for $10, except for the honey and the yogurt.

I was doing the 20 for $20 basically :)

The normal total of all this would have been (without the $1 sale and w/o coupons): $34.14

Instead I paid: $18. 79!! :D

Total saved was: $15. 38

I had coupons for:
The Knorr Rice Sides
Hunt's Tomato stuff
Pillsbury Cresant Rolls
Progresso Soup
The only thing that was kinda "ACK" about this was the yogurt. It was on "Manager's Special" for $1.25. I had a $1 off coupon, so it was supposed to be .25! Instead the girl rang it up full price, I went in to get it price adjusted, she didn't apply my coupon. But that's ok, live and learn :)

Another Kroger Trip:

Once our new awesome Kroger Marketplace opened, they had a 50% off all Kellogg stuff! I had coupons so I ran to the store that Friday morning, the day where it was snowing! I'm crazy, I know! I couldn't pass up the deals though! Plus it was crowded since it just opened. But the trip was way worth it!!

The normal price of all of this would have been: $27. 32

I paid (with coupons and sale price): $8. 15!!

I had 2 -$1.50 off of 2 Keebler cookies, $1.50 off of 2 Club Crackers, and $1 off of 3 Fruit Loops.
I those darn Club crackers are normally $4.19 a box!!! How crazy! So I had to get some of those!

I also went to Kroger another time and got 3 different Manager's Specials on meat!! :)

That is one suggestion that I give you readers, look for the Manager's Specials spot in Kroger. I am sure other stores have them, I know Target puts their clearance stuff on the endcaps near the ziploc bags and that stuff in the Target in Rosenberg.

At Kroger (the old one) I found 2 things of ground turkey (it tastes almost the same as hamburger meat, I will use it in dishes where you can't tell) for $1.79 each!! That was cheaper than the tube of hamburger meat, so I snatched those up! I also found some lunch meat for $1.39 which is normally about $3. Those items were there just because they were a few days for needed to be "frozen or eaten". I froze my stuff.

I was excited to find the Manager's Specials place in the new Kroger. I was happy to see that they had quite a bit in there! I was afraid since it was a new store, they wouldn't have much. Nope, they do! :) So if you shop there regularly go check out that spot!

I told you it's been a while, I really don't go to Kroger like every other day! I promise! lol

I have more posts coming!

Have a great day! :)

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