Saturday, December 5, 2009

What a Crazy Few Weeks!!

ACK! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately! I have been REALLY busy!

The week I had  major projects due Monday and Tuesday, that Sunday right before then(before Thanksgiving), my grandpa(mom's dad) passed away. So I emailed my teacher that I had class for on Tues, and told her about it. God is awesome! She allowed me to turn it in the following Tuesday. His funeral was on Tuesday, we drove down that morning and came back that night. Wednesday we had dinner at my grandma's (mom's mom) house. Then Thursday was Thanksgiving at Joey's stepfamily. Friday we went to Galveston and we stayed until Saturday.  Whew! It was a little crazy, but it was done. I was so worried about my projects and getting them done, but again God knew what He was doing (as He always does) and I was able to get everything I needed done.

My grandpa passed away almost the same time we went to bed from getting home from the Skillet Concert. (I will make a separate post w/ pics about that)

Then this week has been crazy since things were all needed to be turned in before finals this next week. Then Friday, yesterday, a little Texas miracle happened! IT SNOWED!! I don't mean the wimpy snow where it just melts when it hits the ground (even though it started out that way). I mean the type of snow that sticks and covers stuff!! I made a tiny snowman, which is in our freezer right this minute, and Joey made a snowman blob. :) Friday was a GREAT day! I was driving home wishing Joey was home, and I opened the garage....there was his car!! :D He came home at lunch and worked from home! I was SOO happy! He even built a fire and bought hot chocolate on his way home! What an awesome man! :)

Today was a sad day though, I'm sorry I don't mean to be a downer, but it happened. Joey's grandma passed away this morning. I loved that woman! I only knew her for almost 7 years, but I know she was a great lady! Even when she was in the hospital with major problems she would joke around and smile at us. I loved her sense of humor! She is the type of old lady I want to be in that sense. She was very sweet and a strong woman. She reminds me of my great grandma in that way :) She will be missed. However she can now see just fine and hear perfectly. She can even dance if she wanted to!

God is Great! I don't mean that to be cheesy. He really is amazing! We may not understand why He does the things He does in that moment, but sometimes you can look back and see why that had to happen in your life! If not, there is always a reason, He does not hate you. He loves you more than you can ever know. There is a reason behind what happens. Just remember that!

Have a great night!

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