Monday, December 14, 2009

Target Deals

So on one of these deals, I lost my receipt. On the other one, I didn't take a picture!!

Ah! Things were crazy and apparently I lost my head!

Again, I didn't go crazy shopping this month, these trips were spread out.

- 2 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate - . 44
( I tried to use 2 $1 off Target coupons, but the lady wouldn't let me, but still a great deal! It was cheaper than getting 1!)
- Dove -$3.99- sale
-Reach floss- .97
-2 Cat Treats - $1 each sale

-$1 off Swiss Miss Target coupon
- .50 off 2 Swiss Miss
- $1 off Dove
-$1 Reach
-$2 off Purina cat treats

Total paid: $3.43!

-2 cat treats
-1 Swiss Miss
- 1 Reach floss

The other trip to Target has no picture :(

Here is what I got:
-2 Trident Layers gum ($1.29 each)
-1 Clean and Clear face wash (on sale for $3.41)
-2 Purina cat treats(on sale $1 each)

- 1 $.75 off of Trident gum
- 1 B1G1 Free Trident
- $2 off Clean and Clear
-1 $1 off Cat treats Target coupon
-1 $1 manufacture coupon for cat treats

Total paid: $2.06

- 2 cat treats
- 1 Trident gum

Usually with these trips I use my survey money. I do surveys online and I get paid to take them! One site I use pays $3 each survey, not a lot, but each of these trips were either around $3 or under! Total I have made about $20!! Another survey website I use pays in points, each survey is around 20 points, which is $2.00. After you earn $5 there, you can request a check or get an Amazon gift card. Total there I have made $16. 20!! YAY! :D

The first site is:
This one has a lot of surveys you actually qualify for, since they ask you a lot of questions when you sign up. They email you when there is a survey you qualify for. I am not sure if there are any more spots, but it's worth checking out! They are legit too, I have received checks in the mail and have cashed them...they work :)

The second site is:
This one you get notifications for, but it is harder to complete. You do fill out a questionare, but it is not as specific questions than the survey people above. However, they will send you an email when they have a survey open. If you qualify for it (it will let you know) then you will get however many points they said it was worth in the email. They have ranged for me from 15 pts to 40 pts. I didn't qualify for the 40 pts though! :)

The only thing needed for doing surveys is time. One survey I took seemed to take forever, but I did get paid for it! Some are longer than others, but in the email, they will say the time it should take. If you have time, this is a great way to get some extra money! I usually do my surveys either when Joey and I are watching tv or during the day when Joey is at work. Just check and see how long it will take and then decide if you want to participate or not! I really like doing these surveys since I usually use that money to go and get deals, like you see above! The $16.20 check I am going to use to buy some stuff I have been eyeing on Etsy.

Oh! I wanted to let you readers know about this site too:
A friend told me about this! You find your city (like our Richmond/Rosenberg area is in there). Once you do that you can search for stuff that people are giving away for FREE!! Mandi, my friend, said there is a lot of baby stuff, but the other day her husband had a chance to get a golf cart that was fully functional! The only thing is it is first come, first serve! That and you have to go pick it up. But FREE stuff! Mandi said you can post to the message board saying you are looking for certain things and you will receive emails from others. How awesome is that! :D Only thing is girls, I would VERY HIGHLY recommend taking a man with you to pick up stuff! Do NOT go by yourself!! Just be careful and wise to pick up some free stuff! :)

Man I had a lot to post about today!!

Hope that helps ya'll out!

Keep warm!

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