Monday, December 14, 2009

Kohl's, JcPenny, and Target!

The only reason I went to Kohl's and JcPenny was I recieved a $10 off of $10 or more for Penny's. And I had $5 store credit for Kohl's. I then went to Target, to see what good deals I could get!

Here is all I got:

- placemat ($7.99)
- rug($19.99)

The placemat was on sale for .79, and the rug for $3.99
I used the $5 credit and only paid .17 out of pocket!!!

- Soap pump
- gift (not pictured)

The soap pump was on sale for $6.99 from $11.99
The gift was a good deal too :)
Total (after $10 off): $2.12

- Hot chocolate(on sale for .97)
- Gillette shaving gel (on clearance for $1.68)
Total paid: .68!
- I had a $1 off Target coupon for the hot chocolate, so it was FREE! Then I had a $1 off of Gillette shaving gel. Even though that is not the kind I like Joey using, his smells good (this is not scented), I figured I will use it, since I am running out of shaving gel.

The GRAND total of that day was: $2.97!! For 6 items!

I went to Sonic that day, and the total there was about $4 more than the total of those shopping trips! lol

Hope you enjoy! Keep a look out for the JcPenny's mail out! That was the 2nd one I have gotten! I have seen Old Navy had one for the same deal. I saw a blog post where the lady had just under $10 and she got everything for free!

So the deal is, go and try to get things that would just put you over $10! Of course, sometimes you may need things and the $10 off the total would be great. I totally understand that! Whatever your situation allows, the $10 off is still a great deal!

So keep your eyes open for those mail outs! Make sure it is not $10 off a certain amount, unless you plan to buy more :)

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