Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am so blessed to be married into such great families! This past Saturday Joey and I went to G-ma's. His aunts and his step-dad have been going through her things. G-ma has so many neat things! She lived in her house for, I think I heard, 50 years! So there was a lot of things, many of which are really old and really neat!

I have never done the whole going through a loved ones things to see who wants/gets it thing. Joey's family was so good about it!

There were things that no one else wanted so we got them! I am talking about this:
G-ma's beautiful table, that has 2 leafs and 8 chairs!

And this:

Her hutch! 
(Don't mind the stuff on the floor next to it, I guess I should have move those before taking a picture!)

Both of these are in such good condition! What a blessing! I've been thinking we needed a table, so we could have more people over, and I have been thinking about a buffet or hutch to hold decorations and storage for some of my dishes!

 We also received this clock, it was hanging in her dinning room too! It is a really nice one, which dings and you have to wind.

 This was a recipe card holder! Joey's aunt found it and asked if I wanted it. I thought it was too cute, so of course I said yes!

No one wanted G-ma's china. Which I thought was beautiful! So they gave it to me! :) It has a beautiful sliver ring around the edge of the dishes. I love the silver, I'm not too fond of the gold ringed china. I love the leaf design. It is simple and timeless!  So this china is housed in the hutch as it has been for years!

These I wanted since I have seen one very similar being sold on Etsy. I was told that the red one was probably in G-ma's mom's house!! I thought these were really unique and pretty! They had already gone through the room these were in and these were just sitting lonely on the shelf, so now they have a nice home!

G-ma painted! I never knew that! 
Joey liked the geese, and the two ocean themed ones, and I liked the fall one. The fall one is now hung over our sofa, and the boat ones are in our bathroom. I am still thinking for the best place to hang the geese picture.

Assorted kitchen stuff. Some of this stuff is for decorations, some of which we will use. 
I have already put up the decorations, and they look really cute!

The percolator and the old muffin tin

The old little skillet with my rusty teapot.
The old cookbook with the decorative BBQ sauce pot.

I am honored that Joey's family let me have these things. Especially the table, hutch and china! It might sound silly, but like I said earlier this is a new, kinda strange thing for me. We are such a blessed couple! I am hoping that now that we have more room for people to eat/hang out, that we can bless others through that. I know Joey's family is looking forward to a meal at our house :)

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