Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Great Target Deals!

So Thursday morning I went to Target, I had to pick up some medicine and I wanted to check out Target's bulk items. Target put all their bulk items on clearance for a while now and I wanted to wait to get a super good deal!

And I did!

Here's the loot:

I was SUPER excited to find the toothpaste!!

Here is what I got:

Herbal Essence big shampoo and conditioner ($8.99 clearanced $4.48) -  paid $3.48
           (GREAT price! Normally one smaller bottle is around that price!)

Crest Toothpaste 4.4 oz (5.99 clearanced 2.98)- paid $ .98!!!
         - I had a $1 off coupon as well as a $1 Target coupon

Big box of oatmeal- 30 packets (6.99 clearanced $3.48)- paid $2.48

Fur Fighter (3.99 sale)- FREE! (My second one free!!)
             - Handy Tip, after you use your little pad to get hair, wash it and you can reuse it instead of trashing   

Herbal Essence Styler ($2.99)- FREE!
              - Had the B1 shampoo or conditioner get a styler free! I put this coupon first in the stack in front of the $1 off Herbal Essence coupon used , not intentionally it just happened. So the Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner coupon beeped, but the cashier pushed it through! :)

Pictureka Card Game ($5. 24)- paid .24!!
            - I wish I had printed more of those coupons. I left the Sorry coupon near the item, since I would have had to pay almost $2 for it still...even though that was a good price instead of $6. These would be great gifts! Oh well! :) I'm happy my Target finally got more on the shelves and I got one!

Excedrin ($3.99) - FREE!
           - Had a coupon for a free bottle up to $5.99. All I could find that was under was that was a 24 count. was free!

If I would have bought everything at full price I would have paid : $47.99

Instead I paid out of pocket: $13.93!!!

I saved $34.06!

Yay!! I was so so excited that I was able to get those bulk items for so cheap and then get three free things on top of that! What a blessing!

Have a sunny day everyone! :D

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