Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting pays off!

About 2 weeks ago,  I was in Walgreens walking around and looking for deals, well I spotted this one, but I didn't have a coupon. Glade usually has a $3 off of 2 coupon for these candles. So I waited. 

The candles were on reduction for $1.59!! Which why I waited was because the coupon they would be very cheap! I then found the $3 off of 2 coupon online! I decided if God wanted me to get these, there would be some left. I went to Walgreens, there were exactly 4 candles left! :D Well I used 2 of those coupons, that made it 2 candles for .18!

So for all 4 of these I paid .36!!! YAY! These candles were normally 5.99 each!!! I paid .09 each! YAY!

These will be used for gifts! I have bought 2 more of these candles previously to this (from other stores) which one I paid $1.99 for. I thought that was a good deal, who would have thought I would get these for .09 each!
Yao was very interested in what I got! Silly cat!

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