Monday, February 22, 2010

Mail Freebies!

Yay!! All the freebies I sign up for online are starting to come in the mail! :D I LOVE getting mail and I LOVE free stuff. So this is Super exciting for me! hehe

Here is what I got 2 weeks ago:
- Dove coupons
- 3 Free Atkins bars (I am not going on a diet, I just figured free food!)
- Booklet of coupons from ConAgra foods (they make like Banquet frozen meals and such)
- Sample of Head and Shoulders
- Tampax samples ( there are always feminine hygiene samples) + coupon

I got this stuff last week: 
- Kotex samples- included 4 things + coupon!
- Caress body wash sample + coupon
- Carefree sample + coupon
- I included my magazine which I signed up for a year subscription for only $5 back in December!

Not included in the picture I got more samples from Kotex 4 were included along with a coupon!

I told you feminine hygiene products are very common in samples/freebies!

So far this week! I just got this today!
- Coupon for FREE Excedrin
- Free Uniball pen + coupon
(it's supposed to be a fancy ink one where it won't be washed away, to help against identity theft)

I think this is going to be a nice week for samples/freebies! At least I hope so! 

Still to come (some of my favorites...if I get them!):
- Free Glade Sense and Spray air freshener
- Free pizza cutter
- Free aromatherapy candle
- Sample of Burt's Bee's toothpaste
- Free bottle of Generation Seven All Purpose Cleaner (not sure if this deal will turn out...but I have already gotten 1 bottle free from Recycle Bank.
            o We do not have a recycling service here...but Recycle Bank gives points every once and while once          you sign up...and then you use those points to get things. I got a coupon for a free bottle of the Generation Seven cleaner ( I posted about it here)
- Purex 3-in-1 laundry care sample
- Gooseberry Patch Breakfast and Brutch Recipe Booklet ( I have one of Gooseberry's cookbooks, they are cute!)

There are more, but those are just some of my favorites!

The only thing about getting freebies in the mail is you have to have patience. It takes a while!

For freebies you can check out:

Have a lovely day! :D

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