Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank you Kroger!

Woohoo! I love Kroger's Buy 10 participating items and get $5 off! I went to Kroger twice (because I forgot some coupons for the 10- $5 deal) and I did the deal 3 times! :D

Here is all my loot:

You can't possibly see everything in the picture so here are close-up views! 

Carrots were .99
Razors FREE!

Cookies (normally 3.17) were 1.69 each! Joey loves those cookies, so I got 3 packs.
Water 2.99!
Goldfish (2) were .13 each!!
Chewy Bars were .94

(There is another chicken package under that one)
The chicken were .99 a pound so I paid around $3 for each one I got. I bought one that is lemon pepper seasoned, and one that is bbq seasoned. 

French's Mustard= .19 each!!
Kraft dressing was on sale for $1.49, I did n't have a coupon for these! *Gasp!* I know! But those are normally around the upper $2-$3 range. 
Containers= .99! They are on closeout and I had a $1 off coupon!
Pizza= $3.99 (not bad considering normally they cost about $5)
Apple Juice (2)= 1.49 I forgot to include the other bottle!
Chocolate milk and Stacy's = FREE!

These are the items I got for FREE!! The containers were not free, but they were .99 each! I thought that was an amazing deal, so I included them in the picture!
Stacy's, Chocolate milk, Suave deodorant, and 2 packs of disposable razors all free! YAY!

The normal total of all these things would be: $116.21

I paid: $51.81!!

Savings: 64.40!!! 
Yay! I love it when I save more than I spend! :D

Have a wonderful day! Stay dry and warm! :)

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