Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Chalkboard Goodness!

I love chalkboard paint! I recently got me some chalkboard spray paint! Awesome stuff! Its easier to get even coverage with it! Plus it was on sale when I bought it! :)

Here's my project I was working on!

It started with this:

A $2.00 mirror!
I have previously written about it here.

I knew what I wanted to do with it when I saw it :)

Here is the after:

I didn't repaint it like I thought I wanted to. The green color grew on me, plus it was easier to keep it the same!

You see the "distressing". Well...that was a fix. I didn't tape down the paper well enough on the frame, so some of the paint got on it. To help even it out, I sanded it. I LOVE how it turned out!! 

It toned down the brightness of the green. It's still a fun green, just not as flat bright green as before.

I added hanging hardware on the back. It took a's hard to hit those tiny nails! It was so worth it though!

Here's where it is in our house. In our "formal" front room. 

Yes, we have an arcade in our house! In our formal living/dining space. :)
That's a project Joey and I worked on! 
(That'll be for another post)

I like that there is something on that side now. I moved the little table under it, but I'm still unsure about its placement. We'll see!

I hope your having a fabulous weekend!

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