Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday! (WIWW)

Alright, here it goes. My very first What I wore Wednesday post! I'm not promising that I will have one every week, but I want to do it often enough to keep me accountable in trying new outfits!(I won't be buying many new things, just trying to get creative with what I already have!)

I took these photos last month.

I am still trying to find a way to take a full length photo in our mirror, the lighting is behind me so it doesn't look too great!

I got this dress to wear to Joey's Grandad's birthday party at a nice restaurant! I love the dress! :) My mother-in-law was with me as I was trying it on, she said it made me look skinny! I am also able to wear it to my substitute jobs or my, eventually, teaching job. 
- Dress: Kohl's 
- Shoes: Payless - I love these cute red flats!

Ack! Bad lighting! 
-  Purple striped shirt and  navy capri's: Kohl's
- necklace: me!! :)

I think the necklace is cute! It took me a night to make it. I finally got it where it was not too flimsy. The great thing is, it can come off of the chain! I made little loops in the back where the chain slips through. 

That's all I have right now. I made a point to take pictures those days since I looked "dressed" up and accessorised ! lol

**Edit- Somehow after I edited it before, it got erased! Must have been when Blogger was having problems!
So after posting this I was looking at the picture of me in my red flats. It got me thinking how much I missed my go-to dressy sandals. I wore them to my cousin-in-law's wedding and the strap broke just before the wedding! I had to safety pin them so I could wear the shoe. I was upset when they broke, but they lasted me at least 7 years! So after posting this I decided to go to Payless to see what I could find!

Here is what I found!
- Silver dress shoes: on sale for $14!
- "Sweet Pea" green wedges: on sale for $15!
B1G1 50% off
I paid under $20 for both pairs! Score!!
At first I was a little unsure about the silver. My last pair was a champagne color that made me look tan (which I need all the help I can get there)! However once I found out they were on sale! SOLD! :D

Have a great day, I hope it is sunny where you are!

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