Monday, May 30, 2011

Gallery Wall

For Christmas I asked for a bunch of black frames so that I could do a family gallery wall! My sweet in-laws got me a pack of ten frames!

They just sat there. Waiting for me to hang them...waiting for pictures to be put in them.

One day I tackled it! I laid the frames out the way I wanted. Then I traced the frames on some brown paper we had.Then hung the paper up on the wall. I kept it like that for a few days just to make sure I liked it.

Then I put nails where the hangers are, pulled the paper down and hung the frames!

This gallery wall holds pictures of Joey and my family! It was easy finding pictures of his family! I thought that would be the hardest part. However there are more pictures up right now of his family than mine! I need to enlarge some pictures,of my family, for the rest of the frames. 

Here is my gallery wall! 
It's a little hard trying to take a picture without getting yourself in the mirror!

 At night!

Three frames on the left:
- My favorite photo of my great grandma and I, when I was a baby
- Not filled yet
- Photo of Joey and his dad

On Right:
- Red filler- photo to be added soon
- Picture of my Joey's mom and stepdad
- Filler pic
- Flowers are from a floral arrangement from my great grandma's funeral
- "Ghost Rider in the Sky" written down by my great grandma. I found it in a bible my great grandma had since she was a girl. She must have put it in the bible years and years ago!
- Photo of Joey's biological mom and aunt
- An adorable pic of Joey's Grandad and Joey as a baby 

I told you I need more of my family! 

I plan to add:
- Picture of my dad- possibly my favorite one of me as a baby and him ( I need to resize it)
- Picture of my mom and grandma- if I can find a good one
- Possibly a picture of my brothers or sister

We'll see :) 

I am really happy with how it turned out! I'm thinking about eventually adding a shelf so I can add some things that are from our family. I have that old bible from my great grandma. Tonight I got some cute, handmade, tin flowers that have been passed down through Joey's step family. It would look cute on a little shelf on this wall! 

Have a great night! :)

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