Sunday, May 29, 2011

Projects I love!

I thought making a list on my blog would be better than saving all these different websites to my favorites!

These are all projects I want to do one day!

- Rainbow Wreath! I love it! 

- Another wreath I love! 
- I already have ladybug beads for this one!

- A cute flower pin! 
- This site has great tutorials!

-Thumb tack vase filler balls
- LOVE this one! I think this one will be made soon! 
These can also be made with silver/gold tacks and won't have to be spray painted!

- Customized candles! 
- I already have a heat gun! Yay!
When I saw this one I was so excited since this is another way we can use our heat gun! :)

- Jersey Knit Bracelets! Adorable!

Last but not least...

- Faux Metal Wall Art....made from toilet paper tubes!!
Her's are so nice looking! 

That is all! There are so many great ideas floating in blogland! These are just some that inspire me!

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