Friday, January 29, 2010

Shopping Trips+ Mail Freebies!

A lot has been going on lately. However that is for another post. Since this one will not be serious enough for what has been happening in this last week.

Right now Kroger is having their Mega 10 event!! :D That is where you buy 10 participating items and save $5 at the register. I got 10 items for UNDER $10! :)

I got:
4 nut clusters
3 boxes Wheat Thins
2 Bars of Kraft cheese
1 Box of Chewy bars
All for $9.18!!

All the items I had coupons for which made them even less plus I got the $5 off at the register! :D

Plus I got this:

Woohoo!! It was a total nice surprise! 

The past few days have been a great mail day! The things I have got online (the freebies) have started coming in! :D

I received: 

  • A coupon from Stacy's Pita Chips for a FREE bag of chips
              (This was a Facebook offer)
  • A coupon from Recycle Bank for a FREE bottle of natural all purpose cleaner.
                    (I don't use the Recycle Bank service, since we don't have a recycle pick up. But they were   doing a 100 free points for signing up and you can redeem the points for stuff, so I picked the cleaner.)

I also signed up to get this cute sippy cup from Juicy Juice.
 I figured that I could give to someone who has little ones. :)

Plus I received 3 different calendars in the mail!! One of which I hung in the kitchen, I think I'm going to give one away and keep the other one, since they have yummy looking recipes in it :)

Today I went to Target to get my free cleaner and to scope out the clearance items ( I like looking to see if I have a coupon and can get some cheap stuff) 

This trip cost me....


The cleaner was free (with the coupon above)
The Visine was 1.99- had a $2 coupon
The ivory soap was $1.07- had a $1 coupon

I used a reusable bag got $.05 off  and the total came up to be $.01!!

It was AWESOME!! :D I was very excited!

I also got 6 Reach toothbrushes for .85 at Walgreens this week! :) Yay!

That's all folks! :)

Have a lovely night!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love that?!
I do :)
Take care - Donna