Friday, January 29, 2010

What's been happening

As I mentioned in the previous post, a lot has been happening these past weeks.

Rosa and Tony are our friends from church. They are a really sweet couple! Tony is our youth pastor at church.  Rosa is one the nicest people you would ever meet, she is always full of joy.

 On Jan. 20th Rosa went into labor to have their long awaited baby (since we thought little Emily was going to come since November). She gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Emily.

Soon after delivering she went into cardiac arrest, started seizing and her heart stopped twice that night. Both times the doctors revived her. That night they learned that she had an amniotic fluid embolism.

The main concern at that time was her lungs and her heart. Those turned out to be fine.

However Rosa's brain swelled. They put in a brain monitor on her brain to monitor the pressure. The doctors also gave her drugs to help the swelling decrease. They worked for a little while, but the swelling and pressure got even worse.

To help to get the pressure down she was put into an induced coma I believe on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

The  pressure still didn't decrease. So the doctor decided to do a risky procedure and put in a drain to help ease the pressure.  That was last night.  The operation carried a risk of her hemorrhaging. But if it was not done the pressure could build up so much to where the brain cannot get oxygen.

The operation was successful, but has not helped the pressure.

At this time the doctors have exhausted all options and there is nothing else they can do.

All that we can do now is wait for God to work. He is the ultimate doctor, God made Rosa, he knows her the best and he is the only one that can heal her.

So if you are reading this please, please, please pray for Rosa and her husband Tony.
My heart breaks for Tony. Rosa has been on my mind since everything started happening. Compared to what is happening to her, everything seems small.

I don't even know what else to say. Just please pray for Rosa and Tony. Pray that Rosa's swelling will go down. Pray for Tony for strength.

**Edit 2/11
Rosa was taken out of the induced coma, I believe last Wed. She was doing well. She was starting to move more, and her brain pressure has been staying down by itself!! Which is a true blessing! :D

The doctors have been a little worried about a blood clot that is in her right arm. Which they can't give her blood thinners till the drip is out from her brain.

She now has a Staff infection now. Which we haven't been able to see her since it is contagious.
Tony told us yesterday that they took the drip/drain out from her head and they are planning on putting her on blood thinners to help with the clot. Rosa is also on antibiotics to help with the staff infection. Tony said she is looking really well, her swelling is way down. Which the last time we saw her,which was Sunday, she was looking really well! So continue to pray for her and Tony! God has done some amazing things already with Rosa! I am looking forward to seeing Him work more and more in her and Tony's life! :)

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