Sunday, May 8, 2011


Sorry it has been a while since I have posted! I worked Wed-Friday last week and Burney had problems last week that had him at the vet for 3 days. He just got over his tummy blockage and he gets a urinary tract blockage. Not good. The vet said if we would have waited one more day Burney's bladder would have burst! :( I am so thankful that I picked up on his weird behavior and took him to see the dr!

Alright, to the less scary, more fun stuff!

I made these cute cupcakes for our Easter with my in-laws!
I learned 2 things:
1. Chocolate + Peeps = DELICIOUS!
2. If you make cupcakes with Peeps on top,only put them on the amount of cupcakes you think will be eaten. I ended up with 34 cupcakes and I put Peeps on all of them. 15+ came home with me. The marshmallow soaks up some type of moisture from the cupcake. The day after this, the Peeps were soft/soggy on the bottom.Still yummy to eat though! Slowly, as time went on the whole Peep got soggy! Gross! 

I went to Target last week. Guess what I saw!?
Easter clearance! Woot! I love it when seasonal stuff goes on clearance! The best is if you can wait till the 90% off!
This is what jumped in my basket. 
- 2 Sugar Cookies (left over from Christmas...still good until Sept, I checked)- .18 each!
- 2 York Peppermint Patties- .72 each
- Reese's Pieces (for Joey)- .72
- Suave Dry Shampoo (random I know...had a coupon for a free item)- Free!
- 2-  6 pack of washcloths - .79 each!

Total: $4.10!!
Saved: $27.12!

I was SO happy to find those washcloths!! I had seen a set when it was 50% off and thought 3.99 was a good price. I figured if I found some 90% off I'd get another set. I found these 2, not with the Easter stuff, but in the bath department! I'm glad I was scoping the clearance items on the end-caps! 

That is all I have! Got to go, we are having my mom, grandma, Joey's mom and step-dad over for dinner in 30 minutes! Joey's sister is eating dinner with us too, she's already hangin' out with us :)

Have a great Sunday!


the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, i hope he's ok now. what were some signs of his odd behavior? i always think something is wrong with the cat, b/c admittedly i am very crazy over her. the boyfriend never thinks anything is wrong, so i am always torn over needing to take her to the vet.

she has urine tract issues which led to bleeding once, and now she has vet prescribed food to maintain her ph balance. too much info?

good easter clearance, we just got starburst jellybeans at pathmark for 57 cents a bag!

Rachel said...

He's doing much better now! :) He was licking...himself a lot. I started noticing he would be trying to pee for like 5 minutes in the litter box. Then he was also more standoff-ish, more than normal. He would hide most of the day and didn't like to be touched. Usually he'll rub on my leg at least once in a day. I am crazy in love with him I feel like I'm paranoid most of the time. Telling my husband "Burney is _____...that's a little strange" He's my baby though, I think it's a kitty mommy thing! lol

That's good that you can just give your's food to help! We are hoping this was a fluke thing and won't happen again! We are not too sure how it happened. Just some stuff blocked his urethra. (sorry, Tmi!)

Oh jellybeans! Starburst kind are so yummy! There were Lifesaver ones at Target, but they were all melted/weird! lol