Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Goals

Each year I decide I want to change something, I make a resolution or goal. I never follow through. I thought if I actually told someone it would help me to follow through.

Here are my goals:

- work out more, start to feel healthier
- Finish reading/read more of The Excellent Wife. Put what I read into practice.
   o Become a better wife
- Be more patient, and slow to get frustrated or angry.
- Read more books for fun.
- Be more organized. Be able to better balance school, housework, and being a wife. (Normally around finals housework suffers and I feel bad because it does) I want to be able to start earlier on projects and get some homework done earlier than trying to do it the night before.
- Cook more at home

- Live more where people can see Christ through me
- Share Christ with someone
- Read the Bible in 90 days.
      o I saw this on another ladies blog, she has a specific Bible for it, but I just found the plan online.
          - If you are can Google "90 day bible  reading challenge" it will be the pdf, 4 things down (sorry I couldn't link it)
      o This one will be hard for me, I have tried to do a reading plan before, however I failed once I got in Leviticus. This plan calls for a least 30 minutes of reading a day. There are so many things I do that I could do less in order to make time to read God's word. One thing that I am giving up that I can use that time, is surveys. They take up a lot of time when you do them, and I am getting little out of them! Instead I can spend time in the Word and get spiritually fed.

- Save more!
      o I totaled up what I have saved since that day I took the coupon class in late September to Dec. 28th
           We have saved a total of $622.86!!! How amazing! I am so thankful and blessed that I was able to learn through other sisters in Christ how to be a better steward of the money God has given us! :)
- Be able to bless others through our savings. I want to give back, since God blesses me with finding deals to save money.

I want my goals to be on this blog, not to make myself look any better...I want to help it hold me accountable and remind me what I want to do this year! I don't want it to be that April comes and I can't even remember what I said in January!

Today is a beautiful day!
Have a great day!

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