Friday, January 1, 2010


Wow! 2009 is already over! Happy 2010!

Doesn't that sound so futuristic?!

I figured a lot of people are reflecting upon their year. I figured I would do the same, so that way I can read this later and remember :)

2009 was an amazing year! It started out absolutely wonderful! I married my best friend, the best man I could ever ask for and more! Then we had our honeymoon and got to travel. That was nice!

I guess if I had to sum up 2009 in a word it would be: new.

  • I started a new life with my husband... I became a wife!
    • I love being a wife! There are times where it is hard. Reading The Excellent Wife has made it harder. That might sound silly, but I have learned what I am to do and not to do according to God's Word. That is what makes it harder, since there are times I do things I shouldn't do, then I feel awful. I guess it is kinda a "DUH!" But in The Excellent Wife, it states that even something like nagging your husband dishonors God. I am thankful that that has now sunken in! There are times where I can do things that make Joey happy and I love making him happy! I like doing housework knowing that it makes Joey happy and that honors God all in the same time! :) I love being with my husband! Even if we aren't doing anything but watching Tv. It is awesome! :D
  • In April we moved into our first house!
    • For the first time we have had a yard to keep up with. We have a house that needs to be cleaned, it seems more than our lil apartment needed to be. Well of course we only had 2 cats then! We have been very blessed with our house! We don't deserve it, but God blessed us! What an awesome God! :)
  • We got a new kitty!
    • You can read more about him here. Burney was our surprise kitty! But through that experience of his rescue, it once again showed me one of the reasons why I love Joey! I was so proud, and still am, of him for stopping and picking up Burney off the road. Burney has been a blessing on our family. Yao loves him and Daisy loves to play with him! :) He makes me smile and teaches me patience, along with the other two cats! lol
  • New Traditions
    • I try not to be the person that does things just for the sake of doing it because it's a tradition. In fact, this year we did not have a Christmas tree. Not that we couldn't afford one, I just didn't want to pay so much money for one! ( I was planning on hitting the after Christmas sales to get one, turns out someone has one that are not using, so we will have one next year) One tradition that I wanted to start this year, but things were a little crazy at the beginning of Dec. was doing advent, or something that focused on the real Christmas story for the whole month.
      • I think this is something that is important for us to remember and reflect on; the miracle of Christmas. It's a tradition or something I want to do with our kids.
      • We did receive an advent calendar for a gift, and I plan to put a Bible verse in each day, that we will read sometimes that day. Early in the month I plan to have some the prophecy, and as it gets closer to the 25th, then the Matthew or Luke story will begin. I might but December 24th as the last of the Christmas story, then the 25th something about His second coming.
    • We did read the story of Christ's birth on Christmas morning. I liked that :)

2009 has been a year full of blessings! Of course, I have had 21 years of blessings! :) God is amazing, even though I could never deserve what I have, God continues to shower more blessings upon me!

Happy New Years everyone!

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