Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to Life...

Back to Reality... Sorry couldn't resist! :D

This past week school started for me. Which coming back from a month off is a little hard... actually it's just the waking up early. I enjoyed my sleep when I was on break :)

 This semester will be an interesting one for me! I am starting practicum. Practicum is where I do 45 hours and teach 7 lessons, I do that before student teaching. And honestly I'm a little nervous! It has been a whole year since I have been in the school teaching lessons, last semester I had no field work. So I think if anything it is just the habit of getting in the school, once I get started it's not bad and I'm not too nervous. :)

I'm happy because teaching lessons is not too bad anymore! I still get nervous, but not like I'm-about-to-get- sick nervous!

It is crazy to think that I will be graduating this December!! AHH! That's a little nerve-racking and exciting all in one!

Back to thinking about the now...this semester I am taking:
- Evaluation and Accountability- it's about giving tests...for the 1 class I've had (it's a Mon night only class) it was boring.
- Preschool Curriculum and Instruction- a Wed night only class...I'm hoping this will be fun. But it's with the same professor as the class above, and I have already gotten the classes mixed up when trying to do homework! lol
- Essential Elements of Music- right now we are learning the staff and the notes, beats, pitch, etc. Which I have already learned in band. Should be an easy A :)
- Wellness and Fitness for Children- my 1 credit hour class. I think it'll be fun
- Practicum- which will be MWF mornings.

The great thing is most of the same people are in most of those classes. Actually one of my friends is in all of them (excluding Practicum) :) I actually have the same group of friends in Evaluation, Preschool, and Wellness :D

Other than school not much has been happening.

I went to visit my great grandma, but that was before school started. She was having a good day and was so happy me! She is so funny! At one point she said "Eww something stinks" Donna (my mom's cousin, she's been taking care of her for about 5 years now) was there too and she asked granny if she farted. Granny said "No", pointed to Donna, and made a funny face as if Donna did it. lol That is one of the things I love about my great grandma, she always has had a great sense of humor! She will be 95 this April, and she is still hilarious!

I picked up our prints of our wedding photos that I ordered on the icky weather. We got an album with our package deal for the wedding, but I wanted some prints to put in frames. I ordered cute ones of Joey and I, some of me and my dad, and one of Joey and I with his granddad and G-ma.

Other than that I have been just doing up after the kitties.  They make such a mess, but I love em'! It's either that or telling them not to do something or to get off of something. Usually it's the table. They love to get on it, and it being forbidden for them to get on just entices them even more! Little stinkers!

 Burney has a new weird habit of going to a corner of the wall and stretching up (standing on his back legs) and scratching the wall with his front paws. The sound is horrendous!! Like nails on a chalkboard. I'm hoping he'll grow out of that!

Alright, I feel like going and being productive. So I better go and do stuff before I don't feel like it anymore! :)

Have a sunny day!

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