Monday, January 5, 2009

Cruise day 1

Hi Everyone!
So we are on our cruise right now, which is fantastic! The food is AMAZING!! I can tell how people can gain weight while being on a cruise!
We didn’t leave Galveston until about 7:30 (we were supposed to leave at 4:00) hours after we were supposed to; there was major fog that delayed the ships arrival and the disembarking of the previous passengers. So we got to the terminal about 1pm. Then got through the check-in and everything about 2:30pm, then we waited until 6pm. Carnival attempted to pass out McAlister’s and Jason’s Deli to everyone, but it was a lil difficult bc of all the people that were there. As the girl we sat next to in the terminal said, “ I feel like I am homeless, we are sitting on the floor and they are passing out boxes of food” lol
We boarded and everything has been fine since then! The staff is great and friendly! Most of them have accents, and a lot of them are not from the US. I thought that was neat!
I was worried about the rocking of the ship, but it really isn’t that bad! You can barely feel it and when you do it is a really slow rock. One thing that is a lil scary are the toilets on board! lol They make a really loud noise when they flush! Just takes getting used to.
Oh the water is SO blue!! I have never ever seen blue water! It is gorgeous!! I have some pictures :) I will have more each day!
This is our room, through the curtains is the balcony :)room
This is the view from our balcony
Beautiful blue water!! (Waves from the ship)
Us on the balcony this morning
We had a life boat drill this morning…the life jacket had all different gadgets on it!
Top deck
Cool waterslide, there is also a pool and two hot tubs, amongst other things!
The back of the boat
That’s all the photos of the cruise right now!
Have a great day!

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