Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2 Cont.

Hi Everyone!!
Just wanted to update on what we did today after the last post! :)
We went to the art auction, we looked around at the paintings, but decided not to stay and we went to go get food instead. There were so many pretty pictures! WAY expensive! One picture of Bugs Bunny was going for $40, and this was just a picture/drawing. Nothing special! lol
After we ate we went to a show called “The Marriage Show”. It was like the newly wed game. There was 3 different couples – a newly wed couple, a middle-aged couple, and an older couple. It was really funny!
Tonight we went to the Motown show. The guy sung really well! He even got some of the crowd to sing! lol
We went to dinner after that. I had Chicken Quesadilla, some type of Spring Chicken, and for dessert strawberry cheesecake! It was really yummy!
I am excited about being in Jamaica tomorrow! I love the boat things, but it will be nice to be on land :) Joey and I signed up to take a tour of the Appleton Rum Factory. We have already reserved the excursion for Grand Caymans. There we are going to a turtle farm, the going to see Hell…there is a town called hell…weird, and then we are going to swim with stingrays!!
For those of you that are wondering…neither of us has gotten sick so far. The rocking of the ship is not bad at all. Tonight at dinner it was a little more than usual, but we were also near the back of the ship too. We are getting closer to Jamaica so maybe they have a little storm…who knows!
It is still sinking in that we are married! lol I love waking up and having Joey next to me! It will sink in more once we get back home I know. We had the bus lady/waitress ask us how long we have been married tonight :) She told us congratulations once we told her 3 days! The first night we went to dinner and they sat us by ourselves, instead of our assigned table w/ others. The hostess saw us and said “Oh Honeymooners”…not sure how she knew by just looking at us but it was neat!
Alright I think that is all right now so…picture time!!
This is as of 4:05pm
This poor bug was on the outside of the window in the back of the boat…HANG ON BUG!!
One of my favorite pieces of art that were auctioned off
“The Marriage Show” (from left to right) older couple married 40-something years, middle-aged couple married twenty-something years, and the newlyweds
--Around the ship--
This is the piano bar, we haven’t gone in there for anything but it is a neat room.
There is a disco, we haven’t been in there either. They have a lot of private parties in there.
This is the Sunflower Atrium. This is hanging from the ceiling in the room that we have to walk through to get to our dinning room.
And I like sunflowers so I thought this was really pretty!
Our balcony!
Beautiful sun setting!
The sunset tonight
We had another creation waiting for us when we got back from dinner. This time a lil person!
That is all for tonight! I will try to get more pictures of us!
Have a great night! :D

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